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  • Actor Spotlight: Nick Barker-Pendree

    by film-creative Simon Roptell

    I have always loved character actors. Superstar type vehicles or traditional leading roles in movies and drama have really never excited me. My inclination in any dramatic capacity has always been to actors that fully transform into a character. Nick Barker Pendree is such an actor...
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  • Reels

    Up to date showreels 2021

    Film showreel

    TVC showreel

    Theatre clip: The Weir

    Finbar Mack (end of monolgue)

    @ The Vanguard, Sept 2019

  • McGuigan wine campaign 2017-2020



    Short Film: Thicker than blood
    Directed by Emily Cooper
    Role: Paul (Dad)

    Long Short Film: Magic
    Directed by Elvis Joseph, Rooftop Films
    Role: The Duke


    Theatre: Wind in the Willows
    Directed by Marianna Bragg

    Australian Shakespeare Company
    Role: Badger


    TV series Iran: Infiltration
    Directed by Javad Shamaghdari for Ch1 Iran

    Role: William H. Sullivan

    26 Jan - 22 Feb


    Audio Drama - Lady Lucy Ep. 1/5

    Written & directed by Rachel Jarvis

    Role: Bishop Thomas Randall


    Audio Drama - Pride & Prejudice

    Ballarat National Theatre

    Role: Sir William Lucas


    Audio Drama - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Someone New Theatre

    Role: Lysander (Fritz) Stark and
    Mysterious Gentleman


    Stills Shoot: INVESTA

    Andrew Hoyne (Dir.)

    Role : Older Gentleman


    TVC China: Thompsons vitamins

    Bring Fresh Pty Ltd.

    Role: Scientist

    Online video & stills: Destination NSW
    The Hooligan Collective ; Dylan Hamilton (Dir.)
    Role: Older Gentleman/Couple

  • Porcelain

    Nicholas Barker-Pendree shows his skills as a character actor, slipping effortlessly from one accent to the next, and delivering an emotional and authentic monologue as John Lee's traditional Chinese Father.... and the resulting performance is stunning."

    - Canberra Entertainment 2009 -

    The Importance of
    being Earnest

    "Nicholas Barker-Pendree's hilarious portrayal of Algernon
    was a highlight of the show"


    - Theatre People -

    Bullet: A superhero comedy

    "Nicholas Barker-Pendree showed flair as Ursine’s jaded but scheming right-hand The Critic, and appealing nuttiness as Bullet’s foe Prospero, the dark magician..."

    - Aussietheatre.com, Jason Whyte -


    "Of particular vocal dexterity (was) the hilarious Nicholas Barker-Pendree"

    -Weekend notes, Andrea Ashlar -

    The Weir

    by Conor McPherson

    The Vanguard, Sydney
    23-29 September 2019

    "...Dynamics between characters are rendered with a remarkable authenticity with a cast of five that is endearing and compelling...


    ...Realtor Finbar is played by Nick Barker-Pendree, memorable for the confident zeal he introduces to proceedings..."

    Photo: Natalie Cartney
    Review: Suzy Wrong

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