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When the camera stopped rolling

by Jane Castle and Pat Fiske
Nick as the voice of Norman, Jane's Father.

Last weekend Rob and I went to see the SFF documentary "When the camera stopped rolling" and it blew us away ! Such an incredible personal story from Jane Castle whose mother, Lilias Fraser, inspired and paved the way for women film makers in Australia, or as one journalist writes, "This is a poignant insider’s view of an unheralded Australian pioneer".

Produced by Pat Fiske.

Jane Castle is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer on feature films, documentaries and a vast range of music videos for performers such as Prince, U2, Mary J Blige, Usher and INXS.

I felt proud to be a part of this 8 year film project - as the voice of Norman, Jane's Father. 

The film has already won numerous awards and is a finalist in the Sydney Film Festival Best Australian Documentary category. 

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