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Pride & Prejudice podcast: Ballarat National Theatre

The original cast of BNT's sell-out 2018 season of Pride and Prejudice have joined together to bring you the beloved story in a new format: an online podcast.

Read aloud in dramatic fashion by new and returning cast members, this audio adaption of Jane Austen's classic novel will be released as a serial from mid-May.

Returning cast:

Narrator/Elizabeth Bennet - Olivia French

Mrs Bennet - Elizabeth Hardiman

Mr Bennet - Chris Hiscock

Charlotte Lucas - Ebony McClain

Jane Bennet - Liana Skewes

Mr Bingley - Paul Roberts

Mr Collins - Shannon Nicholls

Mary Bennet - Kirily Greenbank

Lydia Bennet - Daisy Kate Kennington

Mr Wickham -Elliott Dean Gale

Lady Catherine - Elly Krieg

Mr Denny -James Wait

New cast:

Mr Darcy - Ryan O'Connor

Col. Fitzwilliam - Jolan Walker

Kitty Bennet - Amelia Pawsey

Mrs Gardiner - Ang Cuy

Mr Gardiner - Tim Murphy

Sir William Lucas - Nick Barker-Pendree

Miss Bingley - Marli van der Bijl

Mrs Hurst - Miss Lana Lunacy

Mariah Lucas - Alana Denham-Preston

Georgiana Darcy - Tess Parker

Mrs Hill - Emma Wood Playwright and Performer

Mrs Reynolds - Mary-rose Mclaren

Young Lucas child - Pippa Asome

Butler - Jordan Ryan

Directed by

Liana Skewes

Adapted for this production by Elizabeth Bradford, Olivia French and Liana Skewes

We are excited for you to hear our creative work and hope that your support will enable us to consider more online projects like this in future!

The first episode is anticipated for mid-May and we shall share links with you once it is live!

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