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NIDA Screen Acting Techniques

So my "accents" course at NIDA was cancelled due to low numbers but then I receive an email about this last in the series of Screen Acting Techniques and I read the overview it was just too awesome to ignore. It's really the nuts & bolts of the acting business and I feel totally ready for this stage now. Last night was the start of the course - 5 guys and 1 girl - a very unusual gender mix but we had the amazing Pip Edwards (from Home and Away) as our tutor ! To kick off - before we could even come into the room, we had a screen audition, just as it would be for real and that was such a clever thing to do. We also talked about which websites to be signed-up on, and how to make a self-test. That will be our homework for next week! I'm so inspired I took action immediately and have signed up (again) to Showcast online (for TV series and film work) and am on my 30 trial for IMDB Pro as well as updating that with photos and my showreel. Feeling really pumped for what 2017 will bring .....woohoo !