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First review of willows gets 5 stars


You have to go see Wind in the Willows at the Sydney Botanic Gardens, it is brilliant. Brilliant! The whole family, including granny and grandad went to watch it and everyone loved it.

I don’t know if it is the great cast, the hilarious performance, the gorgeous setting or the audience engagement that makes it so good. It may just be the whole mixture and the way each of those aspects has been thoroughly thought through and merged that makes it work.

This is the best performance of Wind in the Willows I have ever seen and one of the best family performances we have ever been to!

The performance is so engaging that you don’t even realise that a new character has started arriving. You just don’t notice Toad flying in from the right until he’s arriving or Ratty coming in off the water until he’s virtually in the play space. You’re just so engaged in what is being performed on stage.